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FAM Career Development

FAM Career Development is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit job placement, employment training and mentorship program. We serve families and communities located in the Illinois and Indiana area with great effort and persistence. This program help clients break the back of poverty, homelessness, crime, and low self esteem as well as other areas of their lives.  We aim to develop each individual character and self worth, along with their dream career that will enhance each person's overall life potential.  Our desire is to build the client's aspirations to a level where they will maintain their focus so life failures are minimal.

Our career training program consist of strong academics, vocational skills, and life coaching principles.  Our mission is to develop every person reach for the stars so they realize their potential by maximize their motivation to a tangible success level in their personal finance, social and educational status.  FAM Career Development Center has a hands on approach that provide our clients and their families with the necessary tools to succeed.  We provide quality and valuable service to all those who come to the program with the mindset that they are ready for change and to be helped. Our Program offers:

                                 Job Readiness

                                 Job Placement

                                 Job Training

                                 Resume Assistance

                                 Interview Skills

FAM Career Development needs your support and contribution in making these individual lives a success.  You can help by helping us to help them.  We are open to receive your financial support, in-kind donations and prayers to make this effort a true success in the lives of others.

Call in advance to obtain more information about the best opportunity for a Fresh Start for a Fresh You!  

Contact us for more information:

Felecia Ellis

Director of Career Development

182 east 154th street, Harvey, Illinois 60426


Phone: 773-609-0169

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