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​A word from FAAE Principal

Fresh Anointing Academy of Excellence provides a complete high school educational program through innovative continuing education.  We are a state board certified private school.  Our credentials will assure you that your high school diploma will be recognized throughout the United States schooling system both public and private. We are dedicated in helping you succeed in this great opportunity that comes with obtaining an high school diploma. 

Fresh Anointing Academy of Excellence offers a clean, stress-free, motivated learning environment.  Through our unique and innovative approach to learning we instill good study habits, and understand your academic strength and weaknesses while helping you to learn at a pace that is conducive for you. Our curriculum and self-paced courses can help you achieve your desired dream of success. As you navigate our continuing education program, we will commit to help you by providing programs that will lend you an opportunity to enhance your potential socially, educationally and economically. Illiteracy is a disease and we are aim to destroy it.  

Monique Brown

FAAE Philosophy

The purpose of this Academy is to foster a compassionate, loving and committed environment where our staff and members offer professional standards, backed by integrity, and accountability.


Our mission is to meet the total need of every individual while teaching them how to prepare for their God givien purpose so they may enhance their  full developmental potential.  Our goal is the enable each person to demonstrate the spirit of excellence in all that they dare to try to accomplish.

FAAE History

Fresh Anointing Academy of Excellence was organized in 2012.


Our mission is to empower, equip and serve our communities in the areas of spirituality, leadership, lfestyle and career.  We foster a love for life and education.

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