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In order for this program to remain successful, there are many ways you can help.  Sponsorship is a vital and  instrumental part of the program.  We are a private independent funded school, your help is valuale in order to offer this Fresh Start to everyone.  Their success for tomorrow is based on the action you take today.  On the road to getting that Fresh Start often a student has the drive, but not the means to achieve that success.  This is your opportunity to help make a difference by sponsoring someone to receive this second chance for acheivement.  Being able to receive a high school diploma is the first step toward their chance of success.  This program increases self esteem, values, and instill a fresh wholesome quality the adds brillance that radiates a fresh start for their new future.  Our sponsors participate in giving them a fresh start for a fresh future, by their generous gifts and donations.
There are other ways you can assist in the lending to the success of the program. Help us to Help these students excel to next level of greatest in them. Sponsor a student in helping them obtain their High School Diploma. We need your help so no one would be denied this second chance too advance.  All donations are tax deductible. Contact us today to see how you can be apart of this dynamic process. Call for more information at (773) 609-0169.
One Student($100)____; Two Students($200)_____; Three Students($300)_____
Four Students ($400)_____;Five Students($500)____; Ten Students($1000)_______


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